SharesChain Roadmap

It has been nearly two and a half years since the founders of SharesChain got together to discuss this innovative blockchain concept of putting assets on the blockchain. There have been many challenges, but we have been able to keep our eye on the target and surpass them at every turn. The goal of digitizing assets on the blockchain has endowed us with the perseverance needed to push forward. This is not to mention the many developers and fans we have met along the way who support our vision because they, too, dream of a day where we can fluidly, liquidly, and most importantly, legally exchange assets using something as ubiquitous as our web browser. This roadmap is to show how far we have come, and the steps that we still need to take to make this dream a reality.

SharesChain Milestones

September 2015

After many conversations, this is the month that our team officially assembled and began delegating the tasks needed to develop the fundamental technology that form the SharesChain blockchain network. We began delegating work to our prominent blockchain engineers and saw great promise as it unfolded.

April 2016

Some of the members of SharesChain got together to collaborate to write a book titled, “Blockchain: How it will Change the World.” This is because, during our development of the SharesChain blockchain we realized that the technology that supports the blockchain produces such an elegant system that can incorporate nearly any concept when seen in the right perspective.

July 2016

We successfully registered our blockchain technology and we developed a beta system that could be used for testing applications, extensions, and potential modes for exploiting it. The beta was wildly successful proving to us that only time and due diligence was needed to make it a scalable and operational inevitability.

December 2016

The SharesChain team received the “Application Innovation Award”, which was based on a plethora of criteria not limited to potential functionality and extensibility. We also received the “Best Popularity Award” for applications in the first Chinese blockchain technology, application, and innovation competition, which is held by the Zhong Guan Cun Blockchain Industry Alliance, a group that vowed to flush out the best ideas to further develop this fruitful knowledge.

May 2017

Our team once again collaborated and developed another book titled, “The Principle and Underlying Structure of the Blockchain Technology” was published. The goal of this book was to get a comprehensive understanding of what the blockchain is from a structural point of view, which enabled developers to see it from a different perspective to recognize current blockchain strength’s and weaknesses. The points in this book were indications for how we can best realize our technology for the tokenization of assets.

November 2017

The SharesChain Project was officially started as the technology was shown to function and operate properly in a domain that is increasingly driven to a “proof of work” model. Our previous works were consolidated to formulate a more inclusive text which became our whitepaper and business model.

March 2018

The SharesChain Pre-Sale Event will begin and complete these month to allow early enthusiasts of our technology a chance at receiving the first dibs at acquiring the SharesChain Token, SCTK. The pre-sale event is set to begin Monday, March 12th, 2018. If you’re reading this before the pre-sale date, don’t forget to add it to your calendars!

May 2018

This is the launch of our official SharesChain ITO (Initial Token Offering). In most practical affairs, the ITO is equivalent to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) however the primary difference lies with how the token is generated, and what the token stands for. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are usually for asset-based coins where the coin has some representative value in terms of equity or shares in a company that has a particular function. The SCTK SharesChain Token is a gas token that is similar to the original Ethereum Token or Bitcoin in the sense that it is mined in the traditional sense and intended to be used as a currency for making exchanges. These exchanges can be used on the SharesChain Platform for the buying and selling of services, information, frameworks, and smart contracts.

November 2018

We will have developed the SharesChain network, and the SharesChain specialized blockchain that is designed for high-speed and scalability, which we are dubbing “Assetree”, will be available for testing. During testing we will begin incorporating select community members, and some select service providers so that the decentralized platform has proper utility and function when we open it for use in the first half of 2019.

January 2019

The SharesChain network and the specialized blockchain Assetree will be developed, finalized, and integrated; we will be officially publishing the full SharesChain project and blockchain together.

May 2019

The SharesChain Platform will be available to be used by all participants in the acquiring of assets and shares with Asset Tokens developed by other companies and platforms. They will be able to incorporate their systems with ours and the legal framework will be completed for users to access jurisdictional friendly Smart Contract Frameworks so that they can easily and cheaply legalize their asset tokens.

June 2019

SharesChain will expand its operations to offices and centers in India and Japan. This will allow users from all over the world to access and apply SharesChain token to enhance their assets and to allow for quick, seamless, and low-cost transactions.