Asset tokenization: Trend in Crypto

As the SharesChain community already knows, we believe that next mega-trend in crypto as the emergence of assets tokens which backed by real assets like cars, houses, equity, LP shares or commodities.

We expect there will be thousands in existence, even it is so hard to launch one. Firstly we need a blockchain based network to lowers the barriers to launch securities in the same way Ethereum made it easy to launch utility coins.

Exactly this is what Shareschain is doing!

1 what is the problem with the tokenization of real-world assets?

The key challenge for any system involving the tokenization of real assets is to verify that the token remains tied to the real asset. If the buyer of the token is not convinced that a real-world asset underlies the token, its price will fall or even become zero in the case that nobody believes in it.

Another problem asset tokens face today is lack of liquidity upon launch. No exchanges will touch such tokens today due to a lack of KYC restrictions.

2 Shareschain helps to solves those problems

SharesChain acts as a bridge between the real world Assets (e.g equity) and the blockchain space. SharesChain Allows offchain companies and other entities to efficiently fundraise capital at a very low cost by tokenizing part or all of its assets in the SharesChain ecosystem. It is a safe and legal tool that:

1) Provide a solid blockchain that support huge amount of issuance and trading of asset tokens;

Construction of a high-concurrency, extensible and partitioned distributed ledger system that is based on DFL technology, which is used to create a blockchain network that connects any variety of real assets from the real world to the virtual world.

2) Provides a decentralized protocol for issuing and trading asset tokens;

Protocol consists of a chain of smart contracts for the payment and transfer of legal rights to an asset. The smart contracts implementing the legal transfer of rights to an asset will differ depending on the country of purchase of the asset. The legal block Deal may contain various smart contracts depending on the national jurisdiction:

off-line agreement signature by the client and the recording of this fact into the smart contract

remote electronic signature or other mechanisms

smart contract for the calculation of taxes (customs duties and other)

smart contract for political limitations of supply

3) Enables individuals to authenticate the identity, residency, and accreditation status to participate in a wide pool of asset token offerings; with SharsChain baked-in KYC solution, issuers can rest easy knowing their tokens are held only by authorized investors, and not by those who do not meet the specified investment criteria

4) Allow legal delegates to bid on new issuances to ensure asset token offerings comply with local regulatory issues; and more.

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