Asset Tree

The Distributed Ledger System based on DFL technology has the characteristics of consistency, application quarantine, high concurrence, and expandability, including the system main chain and real assets subchains. In order to maximize the privacy of transactions and assets, asset tree can make transaction untraceable through cutting off the correlation between two parties.

Technical Impact Whitepaper

Multi-Asset Support

ShareChain can affirm, register, transact different types of assets on chain and finish the legal issue of delivery off the Chain.

Commercial Whitepaper

The transaction efficiency will be improved after the equity was put on the chain, and the management efficiency of the rights and obligations relationship of the equity representative will be also improved

Mutual Fund

That use blockchain technology to manage public funds will make information more safe and transparent and make information disclosure more convenient and reliable

Bulk Spot

The digitization of the bulk spot on the blockchain network will increase the efficiency of transaction , reduce information asymmetry, and will trade off process supervision or other issues

Real Asset

The digitization of real estate on the blockchain network will decrease the real estate investment threshold and improve the liquidity of real estate

Project News